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The Ovulation Cycle

A woman is born with all of the eggs that she will ever have. After your menstrual cycle begins, you release one or a few eggs each month during ovulation. Ovulation allows you the chance to get pregnant if one of the eggs becomes fertilized.

One of the best ways to prevent pregnancy is to control the ovulation cycle. You can do this with oral contraceptives such as YAZ, Yasmin, and Ocella. However, some of these medications come with dangerous side effects such as heart effects and stroke. If you have suffered from the potentially devastating effects of YAZ, Yasmin, or Ocella, you should contact a YAZ attorney from Williams Hart today at 800-761-3187.

Follicular Phase

Your eggs are kept in ovaries, which are connected to fallopian tubes. These tubes lead down to the uterus. Your uterus sheds its lining monthly, an event known as a woman’s period. On the last day of your period, you enter the follicular phase of ovulation. During this time, you release hormones that cause a follicle in the ovary to create a mature egg. This can last from 7 to 40 days.

Luteal Phase

The luteal phase lasts from ovulation until the start of the next menstrual cycle. After an egg is matured through the follicular phase, you release a luteinizing hormone which causes an egg to leave the ovary. It goes down the fallopian tubes to the uterus, where it can implant if the egg is fertilized. During this time, the uterus wall thickens in case of fertilization.

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Ovulation is a very natural part of a woman’s cycle. However, you can manipulate ovulation so that you do not have eggs available for fertilization, avoiding pregnancy. Frustratingly, though, not all oral contraceptives are completely safe. YAZ, Yasmin, and Ocella have all been linked to serious health problems like gallbladder disease and liver tumors. If you have experienced the painful side effects associated with YAZ, contact a YAZ lawyer from Williams Hart today at 800-761-3187.

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