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Anticoagulant treatment for pulmonary embolisms

Posted on May 21st, 2013 No Comments

A pulmonary embolism, or the sudden blockage of a major artery in the lung by a blood clot, is usually treated by blood thinner medicines called anticoagulants.

After diagnosis, patients with pulmonary embolisms are usually given anticoagulant medicines to prevent new clots and to avoid existing clots from growing. Initially, a doctor will give a patient a shot of heparin, after which a patient may take warfarin pills for a few months.

Patients diagnosed with severe pulmonary embolism will typically use thrombolytics to quickly dissolve clots; however, the risk of serious bleeding may increase due to such use. Another option is to remove the clot through a surgery known as an embolectomy.

Patients prescribed with anticoagulants should understand how to safely take their medicine, in addition to undergoing regular blood tests.

If you or someone you know has suffered through a pulmonary embolism because of using Yaz, Yasmin, or Ocella, speak with an attorney at Williams Hart about your legal options by calling 800-761-3187.

Yasmin and Yaz gallbladder lawsuits to be settled by Bayer

Posted on April 23rd, 2013 No Comments

Drug giant Bayer AG recently agreed to pay plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits that claimed they suffered gallbladder injuries and blood clot damages because of Yasmin and Yaz contraceptives.

According to recent court documents, Bayer reached a deal on Friday, March 15 to make a settlement of up to $24 million for consolidated gallbladder injury lawsuits in four states. Plaintiffs who suffered gallbladder injuries will receive $2,000 in payment from Bayer, and $3,000 will go to plaintiffs who had their gallbladders removed, according to the agreement. On the other hand, 4,800 consolidated plaintiffs who claimed to suffer blood clots from the contraceptive drug could receive a portion of a $1 billion settlement.

Bayer is firm in its belief that Yasmin and Yaz contraceptive pills do not increase the risk of gallbladder injuries compared to other contraceptives. However, many women have been found to suffer serious health problems as a result of using this pill; thus, our attorneys at Williams Hart work diligently to fight for compensation for these victims. Call 800-761-3187 to discuss your legal options if you have suffered from using Yasmin or Yaz.

5 women file lawsuit against Yaz

Posted on April 1st, 2013 No Comments

Five women jointly filed a lawsuit against drug giant Bayer, claiming they endured serious side effects after using the birth control pills Yaz, Yasmin, and the generic form of Ocella.

According to the lawsuit filed on March 19 in the Superior Court of the State of California, the five women allege that they lost wages, have a decreased capacity to earn a living, and suffer from emotional effects after sustaining injuries from these dangerous birth control pills. In the filing, four of the plaintiffs suffered deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other issues, while the fifth plaintiff said she had a venous thromboembolism that required her to be monitored and treated.

Numerous charges of fraud, negligent misrepresentations, manufacturing defect, failure to warn, and deceit by concealment were filed by the plaintiffs against Bayer.

If you, like these women, have been negatively affected by your use of the defective birth control pills Yas, Yasmin, and/or Ocella, our lawyers at Williams Hart may be able to help you pursue legal action. Call 800-761-3187 to discuss filing a legal claim.


$1.5 billion reserve to cover Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits, causes loss in earnings

Posted on March 13th, 2013 No Comments

Drug giant Bayer said on its annual report at the end of February that the company experienced a drop in earnings after it placed $1.5 billion in a fund in 2012 to cover expenses related to lawsuits for the infamous contraceptive drugs Yasmin and Yaz.

Around 4,800 plaintiffs in the U.S. have claimed these contraceptives caused heart attacks, strokes, and even death due to blood clots. Bayer reportedly agreed to settle claims in the U.S. only, according to its annual report.

Bayer will also be facing investigation by the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York based on the investigation that off-label promotion of Yasmin or Yaz occurred.

A Bayer spokeswoman declined to entertain questions beyond the report.

Many women have sustained serious health problems or been killed as a result of using either Yasmin or Yaz. If you are one of these women or the family of a woman who has been affected, speak with an attorney from Williams Hart about obtaining financial compensation for your suffering. Call 800-761-3187 to discuss your case.

Woman Seeks Millions from Bayer

Posted on February 11th, 2013 No Comments

A 22-year-old Florida woman who claims to have suffered severe side effects after taking the Yaz/Yasmin birth control medication has filed a lawsuit against Bayer.

The plaintiff said in her lawsuit that she experienced life-threatening side effects, including a bilateral pulmonary embolism, after taking Yaz. The complaint states that the woman started taking Yaz in April 2005 and took it until January 2009. The plaintiff suffered from a bilateral pulmonary embolism in February 2009 after ceasing taking the birth control. This led to other severe permanent injuries, pain, and distress. Because of her injury, she claims she also now has a high risk of developing complications like strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, or even sudden death.

Despite evidences and studies that showed taking Yaz increases the risk of adverse cardiovascular side effects, Bayer failed to warn their patients of the pill’s side effects. If you have suffered from the repercussions of this birth control, call a lawyer at Williams Hart to discuss filing a Yasmin lawsuit today.

Swiss Health Insurer to Act as Joint Plaintiff against Bayer

Posted on January 14th, 2013 No Comments

CSS, Switzerland’s biggest health insurance provider, stated on Wednesday that it would be acting as a joint plaintiff with a client in a claim against Bayer for complications caused by its birth control product Yasmin.

The claim was initially filed by a young woman seeking payment for her medical expenses related to severe disability and medical treatments caused by a pulmonary embolism. Some reports place the expenses at amounting to over $600,000. CSS is seeking payment from Bayer for all medical costs.

Like this woman and her claim in Switzerland, thousands of other claims have been filed against Bayer for Yasmin-related complications. If you too have been the victim of yasmin-related side effects, call our Yasmin birth control lawyers of Williams Hart at800-761-3187 today.


FDA approves Xarelto to treat and reduce DVT, PE

Posted on November 6th, 2012 No Comments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration expanded Johnson & Johnson’s Xarelto drug to also include treating and reducing the risk of deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Xarelto is currently used to reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes.

The expansion of the drug makes Xarelto the first oral, anti-clotting drug to reduce and treat blood clots since the drug warfarin was approved almost six decades ago. Both Johnson & Johnson and Bayer market the medication, according to the Washington Post.

Deep-vein thrombosis is a blood clot that forms in one of the body’s deep, large veins–usually in the legs. These blood clots can detach and travel throughout the body, making it potentially deadly if it enters the heart or lungs. It is called a pulmonary embolism when the clot is lodged near the lungs.

If you or someone you love has suffered from deep-vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism caused by the birth control pills Yaz or Yasmin, contact the birth control lawsuit attorneys of Williams Hart at 800-761-3187.

Birth control settlements could exceed $1.2 billion

Posted on October 4th, 2012 No Comments

Bayer reported earlier last month that settlements of the 12,325 lawsuits filed against the manufacturer due to the dangerous side effects of Yaz and Yasmin could exceed $1.2 billion. Currently, Bayer has paid out $402.6 million in the 1,877 lawsuits it has settled so far.

However, the number of lawsuits increases every month. At least three were filed last month by women who suffered from blood clots, strokes, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disorders, and pulmonary embolisms.

The $1.2 billion estimate is subject to increase if the future settlements are higher than the first 1,877. Bayer has reportedly set aside an additional $610.5 million to pay for the settlements.

If you would like to discuss settlement goals with a Yasmin attorney, contact the Yasmin lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

Woman files lawsuit after having gallbladder removed

Posted on September 10th, 2012 No Comments

Bayer has one more Yaz lawsuit on its hands after a California woman had to under go a cholecystectomy, or a procedure to remove her gallbladder, after she developed gallbladder disease while Yaz.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County and accuses Bayer of product liability, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, and breach of implied and express warranties. Gallbladder disease can be extremely painful and its removal can require lifelong medical care.

The disease has been linked to Yaz and Yasmin because they contain drospirenone, an artificial compound that mimics a natural hormone. Drospirenone can increase women’s risk of gallbladder complications.

If you or someone you love has developed gallbladder disease after taking Yaz or Yasmin, contact the Yasmin birth control attorneys of Williams Kherker today at 800-761-3187.

Bayer’s earnings drop due to contraceptive lawsuits

Posted on August 2nd, 2012 No Comments

Chemical and drug company Bayer AG published its its second-quarter earnings earlier this week and revealed that its profits had dropped nearly 34 percent compared to this time last year.

According to the Associated Press, Bayer’s earnings were hit due to one-time charges, such as setting aside money to settle lawsuits concerning dangerous side effects of birth control pills. From April-June this year, Bayer earned $606 million. Last year, it earned more than $907 million.

Bayer would have made $936 million in the second quarter had they not saved more than $602 million for Yaz and Yasmin settlements. Despite a slump in profits, the drug company’s revenue increased by $109 million from last year.

If you would like to learn more about the side effects of Yaz, contact the Yaz lawsuit attorneys of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187.

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