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Bayer Pharmacueticals announces FDA approved oral contraceptive

Posted on December 21st, 2010 No Comments

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc., announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new oral contraceptive, SAFYRAL.

SAFYRAL raises the folate levels in women which decreases the occurrence of neural tube defects for women who become pregnant while taking the birth control. This is the second oral contraceptive that has this folate, Beyaz was also approved earlier this year.

It has been said that a daily dose of a folate supplement can be very beneficial to women in the child bearing years. Bayer Pharmacueticals is the same manufacturer of Yasmin and Yaz that has been in the news lately after women came forward claiming that the drug gave them serious health side effects, such as blood clots.

If you or a loved one has developed a serious health issue after taking Yasmin or Yaz, contact the Yaz birth control lawsuit lawyers of Williams Hart today by calling 800-761-3187.

Colder temperatures could increase chance of heart attack

Posted on December 17th, 2010 No Comments

Medical researchers have found that the chances of having a heart attack increase as the temperature decreases.  In the winter months, it is important to look out for the symptoms of a heart attack.  The most common symptoms suffered include heartburn/indigestion, nausea, pain in the neck, arms, jaw or abdomen, sweating and tightness in the chest.

The chance of heart attack increase by 2 percent for every degree the temperature drops.  Results of the medical study were adjusted to account for other environmental causes including air pollution and influenza.  Doctors believe that the reason the chances of a heart attack rise during cold weather is due to the fact that blood thickness increases when the body is cold.  In addition, blood vessels narrow in cold temperatures.

If you have had a heart attack and are currently taking Yasmin, YAZ or Ocella, contact the YAZ side effect attorneys of Williams Hart at 800-761-3187 to discuss your legal options with an experienced attorney.

Plaintiffs in Yasmin lawsuit case ask for Bayer documents

Posted on December 14th, 2010 No Comments

Plaintiffs in the Yasmin lawsuit are asking the U.S. District Judge that is presiding over all of the lawsuits like this across the country.

In November, a plaintiff in the case asked for the Bayer production documents from more than 100 different nations, but Bayer tried for a protective order in December claiming that the the plaintiff was only going to use the papers from leverage instead of evidence.

The Yasmin lawsuits claim that the birth control gave women negative health side effects such as disorders in the blood stream. An attorney for Bayer said that documents that have been produced by the company would be more than 7,000 pages long.

If you or a loved one has suffered from negative health side effects after taking Yasmin and were unaware of these side effects when prescribed to the medicine, you may be able to receive compensation for your pain. Contact the Yasmin birth control lawsuit lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

What is deep vein thrombosis?

Posted on December 7th, 2010 No Comments

Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body and occurs when the blood begins to thicken and clump together.

Most deep vein blood clots occur in the lower leg and thigh, but it can happen in other parts of the body as well. If a blood clot in a vein breaks off and begins to travel it is called an embolus.

If it travels to the lung and blocks the blood flow, it is called a pulmonary embolism. This condition can cause serious damage to the lung and other body parts and can even cause death.

Recently, deep vein blood clots have been linked to certain types of fourth generation birth controls such as Yasmin and Yaz. If you have experienced deep vein thrombosis (DVT) as a result of taking Yasmin, Yaz or Ocella, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Yasmin deep vein thrombosis side effects lawyers of Williams Hart today by calling 800-761-3187 today.

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