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Study shows Yaz may cause irritable bowel syndrome

Posted on July 11th, 2012 No Comments

A new study out of the University of British Columbia suggests that women who take Yaz are more likely to be diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) than women who take other forms of birth control.

Researchers studied over a million women aged 18 to 46 for 90 days. Results showed that 0.77 percent of women taking Yaz developed IBS and only 0.46 percent of women on other contraceptives did.

While each group had less than one percent of women diagnosed with IBS, the Yaz group was 75 percent more likely to develop the condition. Symptoms of IBS include bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and discomfort.

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Majority of Yaz cases expected to be settled by end of the year

Posted on July 5th, 2012 No Comments

Chief U.S. District Judge David Herndon and George Washington University Law School professor Stephen Saltzburg said today that they expect more than half of the more than 9,000 Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits to be settled by the end of the year.

So far, about 1,500 cases have been settled with the average settlement reaching $214,000. Saltzburg, experienced in multi-district litigation, says the mediation process has helped him move through cases at a consistent rate.

The Madison Record reports that Bayer has agreed to pay out more than $300 million, with the most severe cases being awarded more money.

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Doctors still plan to prescribe Yaz, Yasmin

Posted on December 29th, 2011 No Comments

Although evidence has been released stating that the risk of blood clots are increased for patients who use Yaz and Yasmin, doctors have said that they will still prescribe the medication.

Yaz is a fourth generation birth control pill that contains the hormone, drospirenone and recently, officials with the Food and Drug Administration have stated that the warning label on the product should be changed to reflect the risk of blood clot that is higher then other birth control pills.

Although the FDA decided this, they have stated that the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks. Studies suggest that the number of women who will have a blood clot from this pill are 10 in 10,000. More research is being done on the oral contraceptive at this time.

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Research shows that Bayer may have marketed birth control for unapproved purposes

Posted on November 22nd, 2011 No Comments

Emails have recently shown that some units of Bayer Pharmaceuticals may have marketed the birth control for uses that were not approved by the FDA and also failed to warn women of possible side effects associated with the use of the pill.

According to emails between company members, Bayer officials may have marketed Yaz and Yasmin in order to treat any kind of premenstrual syndrome when in reality, it is only approved by U.S. regulators to treat severe forms.

Bayer currently faces 10,000 lawsuits that state that the drug caused women to experience negative health side effects such as blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks.

If you or a loved one used Yasmin or Yaz and suffered similar side effects, you need experienced representation on your side that may be able to help you receive the financial compensation that you deserve. Contact the Yaz lawsuit lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

FDA: Yaz, Yasmin has 75 percent higher risk of blood clot

Posted on November 2nd, 2011 No Comments

The Food and Drug Administration has conducted a study into the drospirenone-containing birth control pills, Yasmin and Yaz and found that these birth controls have a 75 percent higher risk of causing blood clots.

The report about the drug’s safety was released last week and stated that results from the study show that the birth control pill increases a woman’s risk of developing a blood clot. This study was released just weeks before the FDA will meet with a committee about Yasmin and Yaz.

The FDA’s study looked into 800,000 women between the years 2001 and 2007 and it found that the women who used the drospirenone-containing oral contraceptives faced a 75 percent higher risk of developing a blood clot and that symptoms were usually seen within three months of starting the pill.

If you or a loved one has developed a blood clot after using Yasmin or Yaz birth control, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Yasmin lawsuit  lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

Teen suffers gall bladder failure after taking Yaz birth control

Posted on November 9th, 2010 No Comments

A young woman began taking Yaz when she was 15 after her doctor told her that it would regulate her menstrual cycle and control her acne.

The woman had never taken any other birth control before and was not prescribed to any other medication for the next three years. By the time the teenager was getting ready to go to college she was suffering from health issues where she could barely get out of bed.

She states that she remembers throwing up so often that she began to throw up only bile. For months, doctors could not determine what was wrong with this healthy young girl.

Then it was discovered that she has a gall bladder disease and that it was only functioning only about 64 percent when it should be at 98 percent. The teenager stopped using the birth control and had to have her gall bladder removed as a result of the disease.

If you or a loved one has suffered a gall bladder disease as a result of taking Yaz birth control, you need experienced representation on your side. Contact the Yaz gall bladder complications lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

Some think Beyaz may just be the new Yaz

Posted on October 25th, 2010 No Comments

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals has introduced a new birth control called Beyaz which many are calling a new version of Yaz.

Yaz birth control has evidence against it that it has an increased risk of blood clots by 64 percent compared to birth control pills that don not contain drospirenone.

The new birth control pill, Beyaz, has just received an okay by the Federal Drug Administration and will contain Folate, also called B9. It is important during pregnancy because it wards off birth defects. The purpose of the addition the birth control is to give mothers and their fetus a head start if there is an unexpected pregnancy because no contraception is 100 percent effective.

Some worry that the launch of the new birth control pill is to “reinvent the pill and take focus off of past concerns” after the lawsuits were filed against Bayer.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious side effect after taking Yasmin, Yaz or Ocella, contact the Yaz lawsuit lawyers of Williams Hart by calling

Over 4,000 Yasmin lawsuits filed

Posted on October 19th, 2010 No Comments

Nearly 4,200 people have filed lawsuits after having taken Yasmin, Yaz or Ocella birth control alleging that they suffered severe injuries after taking it.

According to a judge in the U.S. District Court, there are currently 3,900 cases pending in court and each month the number continues to grow. In addition to federal litigation, 485 Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella lawsuits have been consolidated in New Jersey and there are similar stories to this in other states.

All of the lawsuits have to deal with negative side effects that women have suffered after taking the birth control pill, such as strokes, heart attacks, gall bladder disease, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism. Most of the complaints state that the birth control pill’s link to drospirenone may have increased the risk of the negative health risks.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious health complication after taking Yasmin, Yaz, or Ocella, contact the Yasmin lawuit lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

FDA approves Bayer Pharmaceutical's new birth control pill

Posted on September 28th, 2010 No Comments

On September 24, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new birth control pill produced by the maker of Yasmin and Yaz, Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

The new birth control pill, Beyaz, is very similar to Yaz, but it has an added a Folate Supplement and B-Vitamins that helps create and maintain new cells in the body. When a woman reaches childbearing age, the appropriate levels of folate can help lower the risk of complications during pregnancy and help prevent neural tube defects.

The birth control can also help with moderate acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Bayer Pharmaceuticals has been involved in legal trouble after lawsuits were filed claiming that the birth controls, Yasmin and Yaz, have lead to serious health issues.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious health complication after taking Yasmin, Yaz or Ocella, contact the Yasmin lawsuit lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

More Yasmin lawsuits filed against Bayer

Posted on September 7th, 2010 No Comments

The plaintiffs in one case have claimed that that makers of the oral contraceptive, Yaz and Yasmin, have not been providing documents in an appropriate manner.

The Cincinnati woman is claiming that documents on the birth control was practically impossible to work through and the information was never in the same place. Nearly 2,000 lawsuits have been filed nationwide claiming that the makers of the pills did not adequately warn people about serious symptoms that could be associated with the drug such as blood clots, heart attack, and stroke.

Another lawsuit was also recently filed in Canada after woman had a mini-stroke and had to have her gallbladder removed because of gallstones that she claimed developed after she took Yasmin.

If you or a loved one has developed serious side effects after taking Yasmin, contact the Yasmin lawsuit lawyers of Williams Hart by calling 800-761-3187 today.

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